When The Ex Chronicles was named the #3 Bestselling book for January/February 2016 by AALBC, I was elated and proud to be one of the 20 contributing authors - in my wildest dreams, I never thought I would be named a bestselling author.

Yesterday, April 21, 2016,  our enthusiasm reached new heights when we received notice from  the Go On Girl! ("GOG") Book Club that "......your book, The Ex Chronicles has been chosen as our December 2016 reading selection in our Anthology category". With over 30 chapters in 16 states, GOG is one of the largest national organizations dedicated to supporting the work of authors of the Black diaspora.

I admit it was the icing on an already delectable cake for which I am truly grateful and thankful.

The Ex Chronicles is a great read and if you haven't gotten your copy - you might want order a signed copy from me or go to and order your copy TODAY.