Nov. 17, 2019

Just a Thought!

For 20 years I was a District Sales Manager with Avon…the primary responsibility of that job was to recruit and train people to be sales reps. One day after a sales meeting when I undoubtedly introduced a new product and shared the various ways it would help sales reps make more money…a seasoned rep looked at me and said, “You do understand a person could go their whole life without ever buying an Avon product, and it would not change the quality of their life in any way”.  Of course, that sounded like blasphemy to me, after all, a good sales rep should be able to sell this great product to everyone they knew. 

(Yeah, right!)

Yet her words stayed with me. They forced me to think…and to eventually realize we sometimes have tunnel vision which prevents us from seeing that when our friends and family don’t embrace what we are selling, it isn’t the end of the world. 

Though buying Avon may cost a person less than if they bought a similar product from another cosmetic company, it doesn’t mean doing so will alter the course of their life. So when your friends and family don’t want to attend your church, buy your book, agree with your perception of an incident, or even your goals in life….know that is simply the way life goes.